Physical Education

At Mornington Park Primary School, we value physical activity for all students and their families. Once a week all students take part in a Health and Physical Education lesson, which not only allows students to be active, but also challenges their thinking towards physical activity and healthy living.


Students are encouraged to participate in our Inter-school Sport competitions including Cross Country, AFL, Athletics, Swimming, Summer and Winter Lightening Premierships and the Bike Ed Challenge.   


Physical Education Curriculum Topics.


Prep - 2 

* Fundamental Movements Skills - jumping, hopping, skipping, running, leaping, galloping

* Playground safety

* Mini Athletics

* Ball Skills - catching, throwing, rolling, target games, ball bouncing and kicking

* Spatial Awareness

* Taking turns, sharing, team work

* Mini Gymnastics

* Two handed strike

* House Sports

* Jump Rope for Heart

Year 3-6

* Extending their Fundamental Movement Skills in various Teaching Games for Understanding Units - Invasion Games, Target Games, Striking/Fielding Games and Net/Wall Games.

* Athletics

* Cross Country

* Hot Shots Tennis

* Bicycle Education

* Gymnastics

* House Sports

* Incorporating ICT into physical activity

* Physical fitness skills and knowledge for an active life.

* Jump Rope for Heart