The Mornington Park Way

Through a sense of connectedness to peers, teachers and the community, Mornington Park Primary School provides a safe and harmonious learning environment which nurtures the whole child for success in a changing world.

At Mornington Park PS we have been following the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) program since 2014. In 2015, we won a silver award at the state conference for our achievement in implementing this program so successfully.

Everything we do at Mornington Park PS relates to our 5 values of Honesty, Kindness, Perseverance, Cooperation and Responsibility. The children, staff and parents are expected to behave in a manner that represents these values consistently.

Our students are rewarded for displaying positive behaviours through a whole school token system. The children receive wooden discs that they can use to ‘purchase’ a variety of different prizes each week.

The other part to the SWPBS program is the tracking of students’ progress academically, socially and emotionally. Through the use of checklists and assessments we aim to provide our students with any interventions they may need to increase their skills in any of these areas.

As you walk around Mornington Park Primary School you will notice the quality of relationships between members of our school community and see the varied spaces that are available to children for learning and playing. In all areas of the school environment both children and staff demonstrate our school values of cooperation, responsibility, kindness, honesty and perseverance. Woven into our curriculum is a deep respect for all living things and the children have an awareness of being part of a community. They leave MPPS with the knowledge that we are part of a wider world and that we need to show respect and understanding to all people.

Our staff in the Prep and Class 6 levels have open, regular and professional dialogue with Kindergartens and Secondary Colleges, which enables all students to experience a seamless transition to and from Mornington Park Primary School. Our Prep classes run an excellent transition program. Year 6 students visit schools and staff members meet and discuss students as they move into Secondary School.

Mornington Park Primary School provides an environment where children feel supported and cared for with great facilities, including spacious, naturally-lit classrooms, a multi-purpose hall, library, science lab, catering kitchen, art room, music room and a variety of outdoor spaces. At MPPS we believe in building quality relationships with all students. The relationship between student and teacher is both crucial and changing through the course of childhood and early adolescence. Our school campus is small which allows teachers to form unique and quality relationships with every child and a wonderful level of communication about students’ needs.

Mornington Park PS is a member of the Safe School Coalition of Victoria (SSCV). This a national coalition of schools dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for gender diverse students, staff and families.