Steiner Education at Mornington Park

If a child has been able to play, to give up his whole living being to the world around him he will be able to, in the serious task of latter life, devote himself with confidence and power to the service of the world.
– Rudolf Steiner

At Mornington Park Primary School we offer two streams of Education; Mainstream and a Steiner Influenced stream, both administered by the Principal of the school. Each stream has unique philosophies – all staff work together in a collaborative, positive and cooperative way to ensure that decisions made and policies developed are respectful of the needs of both streams, all decisions must adhere to DEECD regulations and guidelines.

All staff are selected for the gifts and talents they bring to the school. Class teachers in the Steiner influenced stream are committed to the principles of Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy. At times your child may be taught by a teacher from either stream. This may occur but is not limited to specialist lessons, whole school events, when being supervised in the playground and when a replacement teacher is required.

All DEECD schools must comply with the current curriculum set down by DEECD. At Mornington Park Primary School we recognise the unique features of the Steiner influenced curriculum and in particular the teaching approaches, therefore we are guided by the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework.

Policies are always developed which take into consideration the needs of both streams, and DEECD requirements, therefore at Mornington Park Primary School

All students from years 3-6, Mainstream and Steiner participate in competitive sports
Students from prep to 6 may receive reward/award incentives.
A whole school multi age event is held each term, in which all students participate
Some camps and excursions are whole school events
We participate in DEECD special programs and events
It is acknowledged that information communication technology (ICT) is not part of the day to day Steiner influenced curriculum however, it is a DEECD requirement, that it is included in the curriculum so in some cases its inclusion may be appropriate/necessary.

In order for children to achieve their best it is sometimes necessary for teachers to refer children to psychologists, speech pathologists and social workers for assessments. Parents will be informed if the teacher feels this is necessary and will be asked to sign a permission form.  These specialist support staff communicate with the school staff and parents and make recommendations for future support needs for students.

In a DEECD school assessment and reporting are vital processes that provide information about what students know and can do, and to make recommendations for their future learning. At Mornington Park Primary School there is an assessment schedule followed by both streams, some of which may involve online testing.

In line with DEECD requirements, a consistent, whole school approach has been designed to manage the behaviour, welfare and attendance needs of all students at Mornington Park Primary School. Copies of the policies are available from the school.

It is a requirement that all students wear the correct school uniform at all times. For Steiner students there is a 100% cotton option available by ordering online or through the office. The uniform shop carries poly cotton uniform options.

We are truthful and helpful
And loving in trust
For our heart’s inner sun
Glows brightly in us.
We will open our hearts
To the sunbeams so bright
And we’ll fill all the world
With our heart’s inner light.