“Environmental Science at Mornington Park Primary School empowers students and the school community with opportunities to make positive environmental changes by building global and local connections through active education.”

The Environmental Science Program at Mornington Park Primary School includes making use of local reserves and environmental features. Helping students build connections with their world at a local level builds a sense of security and a sense of depth and relevance.

Narambi Reserve is adjacent to Mornington Park Primary School and includes the Tanti Creek Wetlands. Tanti Creek flows from here through residential and urban areas, to meet the sea at Mills Beach, Mornington.  Studies include research, experiential learning and experiments, and cover areas of Energy, Water, Waste and Biodiversity.

The Mornington Park Primary School Science Program incorporates classroom science, extension and leadership opportunities, as well as whole school events.

Green Team
A lunch time club, where interested students from all classes help make environmental contributions to our school. They share environmental tips and help organise whole school events.

I sea, I care Program
The “I sea, I care” Ambassador program, run under the umberalla of the Dolphin Research Institute, is designed for students in Year 5 or 6. Usually four students are chosen to be Ambassadors for a year. They learn about what lives in our bays and waterways, and the many issues facing them.

Through peer-teaching workshops, the Ambassadors develop the skills and self-confidence to pass their knowledge on. They talk to their peers, other classes, school assemblies and groups about Victoria’s Living Marine Treasures and how we can all help safeguard them.