Inquiry & Investigative Learning

In Prep and Grade 1/2 the children take part in play based and investigative learning. Literacy and Numeracy are embedded within investigations as well as being explicitly taught throughout the rest of the day. The nature of play-based experiences promotes creativity, imagination and scope for children to invent, explore, create and problem solve. The children’s interests are the predominant means for learning experiences during investigations. The teacher works with focus children each session using their interests to extend, scaffold and support them with their investigations to ensure ongoing engagement in all areas of learning. Observation and documentation by teachers identifies key skills, needs, strengths and interests of individual children and are used to plan and implement appropriate experiences and set further learning and developmental objectives.

In Grades 3-6 the students work both independently and collaboratively on inquiry projects. Topics include Australian History and our journey from the Dreamtime to current and historical Government structures. Students inquire about past and present Immigration and Refugees. We look at the world around us and investigate Space, Physical Sciences, Local and World Geography and Natural Disasters. Children develop their skills with a variety of research methods and are involved in the assessment of their own work as well as their peers. Students present their findings through various mediums and to a range of audiences. We have wonderful links with the wider community and incursion and excursions facilitate children’s enhancement of these topics.