School Council

Mornington Park Primary School Council oversees the school within the Education Act and Regulations set down by the Department of Education and Training, (DET), and consists of elected parent and community members, staff members and the Principal. School Council has the authority to co-opt additional members when, and if, the need arises. The School Council, as the official management body of the school, is charged with the responsibility of developing educational policies, maintaining the facilities and grounds, overseeing financial operations and ensuring a quality education for all our students.

School Council elections are held every year, when approximately one half of School Council members retire. Members are normally voted onto School Council for two years. Our School Council consists of 15 representatives. Five members are Department of Education and Training (DET) representatives, eight members are Parent representatives and two are Community representatives. School Council meets about eight times a year. School Council usually meets on the first Tuesday of the month. The Mornington Park Primary School Council utilises a strong Sub-committee structure to ensure that designated areas of the school are being monitored and supported. Ideally, sub-committees consist of parents and teachers, with parents making up the majority of members. Parents do not have to be a member of School Council to be a member of a sub-committee. However, a School Council member must be present at Sub-committee meetings. Subcommittees may make recommendations to School Council. Sub-committees meet for approximately one hour every month.

Sub Committees of Mornington Park Primary School Council

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Facilities and Environment

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