Speech Therapy Assistance Program
At Mornington Park Primary School we have two trained Speech Therapy Assistants, who work under the guidance of our Speech Pathologist.

Targeted students receive up to three sessions a week, resulting in more rapid progress through speech/ language goals.

The Speech Pathologist assesses a student and prepares an individual therapy plan.

Student progress is reported using therapy outcome measures which give the Speech Pathologist a clear view of progress made and allows adjustments to the plan if required.

Sessions are monitored and reviewed regularly and at the end of each term, the Speech Pathologist reviews the student’s progress and prepares a report for parents and teachers.

Catch Up Literacy
Education Support Staff at Mornington Park have been trained in Catch Up Literacy (CUL ) to support targeted students.

CUL is a structured 1:1 intervention for learners who find reading difficult.

It uses a book based approach to support learners in their reading of a book so that they activate both dimensions of reading – word recognition processes (including phonics) and language comprehension processes.