Other Information

Festivals Celebrated
The seasonal festivals are celebrated as part of the Steiner curriculum. As in times past, festivals are held to celebrate such events as the Harvest or Spring. They bring whole communities together in shared purpose and highlight the supportive cycles of life, they bring meaning to human existence and reconnect people with the universe and their origins. The children sense the joy and gratitude in the community around them. The experience of the festivals will live within the child, fostering reverence through the acknowledgment of something greater than themselves, allowing trust to grow and gratitude and harmony to be more deeply experienced.

Sub Committees
The Steiner Sub-Committee is one of many sub committees under the auspice of School Council. The school has several sub-committees which meet on a regular basis to make recommendations to School Council, including, Community Connections (Fundraising), Facilities and Environment and Finance. Parents are welcome to nominate for any of these subcommittees or indeed for School Council. All Sub Committee meetings are held once a month, usually after school.  The Steiner sub committee meetings are on a Wednesday evening around the middle of the month.  All parents are encouraged to come along and participate in discussions.  This is a great opportunity to be involved in your child’s education.

Gardening Program
Parents are welcome to come along and be a part of an afternoon of education and encouragement in the garden with their children’s grades. Each grade is allocated an area of the Vegie Garden and maintains this throughout the year. In addition, general maintenance is performed by a small group of parents one morning a week. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Working Bee
Our working bees are held on the second Saturday of every term.  We generally have a plan for the day and an organised agenda. We encourage all families to attend, as many hands make light work.  As part of Steiner education, nature has a big part to play. Presenting the school as a beautiful and nourishing experience for the children is a rewarding part of working bee participation.  Working Bees are also a wonderful way to meet other parents and nurture our community.

Parent/Community Involvement
Within our Steiner Community we rely heavily on parent involvement and everyone is encouraged to choose at least one activity in which to be involved. All classes rely on parents to help out at certain times. Check with your class teacher or class carer if you have a particular interest and feel that you would like to help out.

Some areas are:

  • Craft in the afternoon

  • Festival preparation

  • Gardening

  • Craft Preparation

  • Assistance in class

  • Painting set up and assistance

  • Reading with children

Class Carer
Each class seeks the support of a class carer whose role it is to liaise with other parents at various times throughout the year.
Some tasks they may perform are:

  • Creating contact lists

  • Welcoming new families

  • Assisting the class teacher to organise volunteers

School Council
School Council meetings are held once a month, generally on the 1st Tuesday in the staffroom. These meetings are open to all parents of the school and anyone interested is encouraged to become a member. Nominations are taken at the start of the school year, then, if required, an election is held. If you are interested in becoming a member of the School Council watch out for the call for nominations at the start of the year.