What is Steiner Education?

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian scientist and philosopher who developed a new approach to many essential aspects of life including medicine, architecture, agriculture (biodynamics), the arts, social science and Education.

He ventured beyond the study of humans as merely creatures of intellect and physical form, to acknowledge the importance of human spirit. The approach embodied all aspects of human nature – intellectual, physical and emotional and formed the basis of Steiner’s philosophy and Anthroposophy. He viewed the world and man holistically, long before that concept became fashionable.

Our school endeavors to educate the whole child, addressing equally the areas of academia, artistic experience, and practical skills in integrated ways.  Through this balanced approach students develop clarity of thought, a sensitivity of feeling, and a willingness to work, forming a foundation for balance in thought, feeling and action as adults.

At Mornington Park Primary School, our Steiner teachers work creatively to generate genuine inner enthusiasm in each individual and to cultivate the child’s respect for themselves and others.  They work with the basic principles of child development and curriculum indications offered by Dr. Steiner, in ways that help meet the challenges of the world.

This educational approach relies on the quality of the relationship amongst the children, the parents, the teachers and their environment. The emphasis is on balanced development to enable the children to realise fully their potential and thereby take a positive step into adulthood and make a contribution to the world.