‘Mentoring is the presence of a caring individual who provides a young person with support, advice, friendship, reinforcement and constructive role-modelling over time. Mentoring is about building relationships.’

At Mornington Park Primary School we understand that feedback rich school communities strive towards greater mastery in both the classroom and the staffroom, meet the needs of their community of learners better and foster higher levels of engagement from students, teachers and parents. The establishment of a mentoring program in 2016 made possible from an additional Education Funding grant, has laid a major foundation for increased feedback across the school as it establishes a network of feedback rich mentor/mentee relationships.

This year we are fortunate to have 16 staff matched to a mentee. Staff regularly spend time with their mentee connecting informally and forging stronger links as they develop their confidence, self -esteem and the skills they need in school and in life. Mentors and mentees are supported on their journey with regular support via training and coaching sessions. It is anticipated that this program will extend to using children as mentors in 2017.

Here’s what a class teacher had to say…

‘Being involved in the mentoring program at Mornington Park Primary School has been a rewarding experience for my mentee and myself. Having had relatively little to do with each other previously at the school, we now have a very positive and increasingly close relationship that brings a range of benefits to us both. For my mentee, he now has another trusted person at the school who he knows cares for him, is genuinely interested and accepting of him and enjoys regularly spending time with him. These sessions have been opportunities to gradually build a trusting relationship, where my mentee has felt more and more at ease to be himself and know that he will be accepted as he is. We have worked on recognising his strengths and interests, which I now look forward to exploring further in the remainder of the year: particularly aspects that he could build on in a variety of areas of his life. Personally, I have also enjoyed our developing relationship and the satisfaction of seeing him become increasingly open and comfortable in my presence. It has added another positive element to my work and given me greater understanding of the importance of providing children with opportunities to just be themselves in adult company.’